How to Use Xamarin for Mobile Development with C#

The size of Xamarin-created mobile apps can vary and frequently exceeds that of native apps. Size is determined by the base class libraries used in Xamarin applications development, the Mono runtime, and the data libraries. Xamarin for mobile development helps to simplify maintaining and updating apps by using a single programming language because they may be completed simultaneously.

How does Xamarin help mobile developmen

For example, some workarounds are necessary for multi-touch functionality and certain platform-specific gestures. Xamarin Development Companies also need to use built-in controls and UI frames that make the process even more time-saving and convenient. The developers can simply deploy the mobile apps on app stores anytime they like amid working with their design and development simultaneously. The goal with Xamarin.iOS/Android is to abstract out as much of the app feature set as possible into a .NET code library – this is shared across all platforms.

How Does Xamarin Help In Reducing Mobile App Development Costs?

Additionally, it is greatly beneficial for improving development speed, making things perfect for business projects. The downside of this is the fact that Xamarin-built apps are ‘heavier’ and may take up more space than native apps, simply because native apps don’t need that shared functionality. However, the Microsoft Xamarin department keeps working on it diligently, and Xamarin-based apps are getting lighter and faster with time—Forms and Essentials being the greatest aids in that so far. Probably the biggest disadvantage of all hybrid app development products is the community, or rather its absence.

Xamarin App Development is one of those leading cross-platform app development solutions. The framework is open-source and absolutely free to use, like Reach Native & Flutter. Xamarin Native is a good choice in general when mobile apps tend to cater heavily to a certain platform – where lots of native behaviors and custom UI are called for. Mobile games are also served well with Xamarin Native – essentially, Xamarin.iOS/Android is a good choice anywhere developers want to run as close to the metal as they can. Xamarin Native still benefits from a shared .NET code layer, but the UI is written natively for each mobile platform. Additionally, Xamarin.Forms (see below) can now be embedded inside of Xamarin Native, thus getting the best of both worlds.

So Why Xamarin Again?

These accurate statistics allow to track behavior patterns with previous versions of the mobile app and thus build customized, brand new versions based on the derived insights. Developers get to combine the same UI controls and APIs that are used for developing native mobile applications in their respective platform-specific programming languages. With all its flaws and limitations, Xamarin remains one of the most robust, extensive, and productive cross-platform app development platforms.

MonoGame is a popular framework for developing cross-platform 2D and 3D games in .NET/C#, notable examples being Transistor, FEZ, Bastion, TowerFall, and Infinite Flight. Other options for developing cross-platform games in .NET are Cocos2D and Unity. All of these tools can be used for developing games with C# in .NET/Visual Studio and, by proxy, Xamarin. So, for example, when a new SDK for iOS, Android, or another platform is released, Xamarin needs to properly integrate it into its ecosystem to maintain code sharing. Xamarin has to work with various platforms at the same time, which means that apps created through Xamarin can have an overhead.

Reusable Codes

Specialization is the key to success in many app development niches, and, compared to the giants, communities for Xamarin and other similar tools are pretty limited. At the same time, things are improving in terms of the ecosystem and API robustness, and the platform steadily gets more popular. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do with Xamarin. If you want to get more out of Xamarin, consider to hire .NET remote developers. Keep in mind though, Xamarin.Forms is trying to solve an incredibly hard problem – a consistent UI abstraction layer that renders native UI on platforms that are uniquely different.

How does Xamarin help mobile developmen

Using only one programming language simplifies app updates as you can simultaneously update two apps. When Xamarin developers update any of the files, both Android and iOS apps get new functionalities. This way, engineers can work on several projects simultaneously as they need half the time to update two apps. Xamarin app development ecosystem also supports developers interested in creating apps for wearables like iWatch and Android Watch. It is a separate product developed to share up to 90% of code across iOS and Android platforms to simplify the app creation process. Xamarin.Forms was created to take the Xamarin.Native (Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS) capabilities even further.

Xamarin’s Benefits

It’s a great option for multiplatform mobile app development with a single code base to speed up the app-building process while keeping as much of each platform’s native features as possible. Xamarin is one of the solutions to it which actually is meant for cross-platform mobile app development where you can build Android, iOS, and Windows native application using a single codebase. The apps developed using Xamarin performs almost similar to the native Platform applications. Xamarin provides a developer with tools that can help them in building cross-platform mobile applications. The applications can have all the native features and also share the common codebase at the same time.

How does Xamarin help mobile developmen

The team used native camera access and applied the same code across operating systems to create Novarum Reader, the first diagnostic application that works without any added hardware. Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile app development framework owned by Microsoft based on Mono, a free and open-source .NET framework, to create native apps using C#. No other platform enables businesses to reach 2.6 billion iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices with 100% fully native apps from a single shared code base. A Best Travel Store Inc. project, in cooperation with AltexSoft created a mobile travel and booking application both for iOS and Android platforms. The application is meant to be a mobile travel assistant for Fareboom users. But that is only when you are building something very specific which cannot be implemented on different platforms.

Complete Development and Support Ecosystem.

Still, despite all that, Xamarin is rarely a mobile game developer’s first choice. Games, with all their interactive UI elements, simply don’t make room for meaningful code sharing and productivity gains. For the time being, ‘write once, play everywhere’ still remains Xamarin developers’ dream. One thing that defines the longevity of a platform or a technology is the access to comprehensive, systematic, high-quality education for its users. The official Microsoft Learn platform and its Xamarin courses are a perfect example of a robust educational ecosystem for users of any skill level. A lot of the courses are self-paced, so developers can quickly fill the gaps in their expertise with Xamarin on a personal schedule.

  • Visual Studio is used to create C# and Net framework programs, which are subsequently released on a variety of platforms.
  • While it is enticing to expect everything out of the new polished runtime, the realities dictate otherwise.
  • UPS has an in-app measurement tool where you can take package dimensions on the go.
  • The user interface of the app you create with Xamarin is written in Xamarin Forms.
  • This way, the time required to get an app to market decreases, and it takes less money to get the product to its finishing stages.
  • Most app development experts recommend that you create an app for one platform at a time then move on to the next.

Mono is also very performant for .NET apps running on iOS/Android – both through IL interpretation or statically compiled. Mono is also way ahead of the game in .NET implementations on future-facing platforms, like the all-important WebAssembly. So, it is safe to say that Mono is here to stay and power .NET apps across a wide variety of platforms.

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