10 Best CRMs for Startups in 2023: Pricing, Reviews & Guide

While Zapier facilitates the integration between Gmail and your chosen CRM, the specific features and capabilities available will depend on the CRM and email service you are using. Freshsales distinguishes itself from its competitors with its AI-powered contact and deals scoring, customization, and built-in marketing, chat, and phone functionality. Plus, as you can add as many users and support personnel as you wish, it’s a top choice for growing sales teams.

  • Insightly offers the best CRM solution where business intelligence is built right into the platform.
  • A CRM purchase is one of the most important decisions a company can make—it affects many of the most important moving pieces of business in the modern world.
  • And, more importantly, go for a solution that gives you good value for your money.
  • Create dynamic, high-impact smart views that match your top-priority lead data.
  • Another excellent example of a value-add integration with CRM would be your product support or help desk platform.

Nimble also offers the option to include custom fields to enrich contact profiles. With integrations like Gmail and Outlook, the CRM tool can help streamline all your communications. Its reliable reporting module can help you keep track of all business activities with ease. SugarCRM helps your team to devote more time to building strong relationships with prospects and customers. This centralized management of business data contributes to more streamlined operations and cohesive customer experiences. SugarCRM also offers real-time alerts, so you can take relevant actions at the right time.

What Is a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)?

CRM software helps you track contacts and nurture them to build customer loyalty and repeat sales. A good CRM makes the information it gathers accessible to other business platforms via smart software integration. In this way, CRM becomes the epicenter of how you manage your customer’s journey, from the first marketing touch, to a closed sale, and on to the next engagement. Apptivo CRM is an affordable and highly customizable platform that aims to be a one-stop solution for all your business software needs. In addition to essential CRM functionality, it also includes tools for such tasks as accounting, invoicing, and project management. It’s easy to use and includes support for Android and iOS mobile devices.

crm systems for startups

Keap offers a 14-day trial and integrates features such as contact management, advanced automations for sales and marketing, lead scoring, email and text marketing, and more. It’s ideal if you’re seeking a comprehensive solution for small business expansion. A simply smart CRM for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, Nimble organizes all your contacts, communications, and social media connections into a unified system. It goes beyond simple management, offering actionable insights with features like email tracking, workflow automation, segmentation, and visual sales funnel management. Pipedrive is a well-known CRM that was developed by and for sales teams, and as its name suggests, it primarily focuses on sales pipelines. Despite the lack of a free plan, it’s a solid choice for small businesses because it’s affordable and easy to use, plus, it comes with a 2-week-long trial that doesn’t require any credit card details.

What is the best CRM software?

With it, you can process incoming leads quickly with forms, and the platform can be completely customized to meet the unique workflows used by your team. By keeping track of important contacts and comments as a lead moves through the sales process, the CRM aids sales teams in tracking leads efficiently to bolster revenue. Overall, Zoho CRM is a more effective tool than just a simple CRM for managing contacts and leads, even on its free plan. The sales automation solutions aid in producing leads that are instantly added as contacts in your CRM through forms on your website, social media, and email. However, the free plan is best for individuals, as it allows for only one user. That said, it’s fantastic for small startups or users looking to try most of the premium features on offer before upgrading.

crm systems for startups

Insightly is a CRM system that aims to align marketing, sales, customer support, and project teams around a single source of customer information. With this CRM platform, you can keep an eye on top-performing team members, create quotes, and more. With ClickUp, you can use tags to organize your accounts, get a geographic view of your clients with the Map view, and automatically assign tasks for each stage of your sales pipeline. In fact, it’s one of the most important tools for startups because it helps them accomplish so much. PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The campaign management feature helps you enhance your marketing and sales initiatives. You can create, track, and execute campaigns and generate more leads across different channels. EngageBay gives you access to a free plan, where you can add up to three users, manage up to 500 contacts, embed lead generation tools, and create custom landing pages. The predictive lead scoring software helps you find hot deals easily with marketing automation. By identifying the most suitable leads, you can track engagement and know who you should follow up with. This powerful marketing CRM program gives you a holistic view of all your customer data and leads.

crm systems for startups

After all, their Cs (customers) are different, and their Rs (relationship with their customers) are different, so it’s no surprise that they’d be managed differently as well. Monday sales CRM provides all these insights and more to help startups create a professional plan for current and future campaigns. A simple CRM makes it easy for your employees to know exactly where to find customer information or essential updates related to the sales cycle. That could be anything from customer lifecycle stages and CRM bug reporting to deal information or new feature releases they can pitch to potential customers. Pew Research shares that 72% of adults in the US use at least one social media site every day, making social media platforms some of the best performing channels for lead generation. It allows customers to choose where and when they engage with your business, giving them the illusion of control.


I would highly recommend this software to startups more focussed on building a visual marketing pipeline for their teams. This helps you get complete control over your pipelines and manage everything in a breeze. With so many tools in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best one. The CRM solutions mentioned in our review are the best and have unique features that set them apart from others. HubSpot offers a free version of their platform that’s ideal for startups that don’t want to invest in paid software right away.

With LACRM, you get a hub that neatly integrates all of your contact information, leads, and calendar events in one place. The headache of jumping between apps vanishes as LACRM brings your tasks and events into one crm systems for startups unified calendar that syncs with Google Calendar. The free version is ideal if you’re just starting out or have a small team. It offers basic functionalities, and you can always scale up as your business grows.

Scale your startup with Freshsales

Zoho offers an extensive suite of SaaS business software, and its CRM offering is a standout tool. Its latest additions include Zia, an AI-powered analytics engine for spotting sales trends and anomalies; and Canvas, a drag-and-drop interface editor. It doesn’t hurt that Zoho CRM is priced within reach of smaller teams. Freshsales also offers pre-designed workflow templates that can help automate common business activities within few clicks.

It’s designed to help you plan and execute automated customer journeys, enabling you to provide an engaging, personalized experience for each of your customers. If you’re not taking advantage of workflow automation, you may find it difficult to keep up with manual tasks, resulting in missed opportunities or inaccurate data. Let’s dive right into our detailed review of the best CRM for startups. Here we’ll explore their key USPs, pricing, pros, and cons, amongst other things, to give you better insight into each one. BIGContacts is the #1 contact management software & CRM to close more sales. The efficient management of contact data is another critical component of CRM.

Digital Journal Apps for Bullet Journaling in 2023

As a small company, it’s important not to get distracted by the bells and whistles that come with many enterprise-level software packages. To choose the best CRM software for your startup, identify your small business needs. Finally, CRM systems increase the productivity of their users—by, like, a lot.

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